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Great significance of interpretation in DP Latinas cosmology is emphaized by circumstances that while macroscopic physical theories such as classical mechanics – due to their relative "closeness" to experiment – have the so-called natural interpretation (which generally does not rouse any doubts) microphysics and cosmology dplatinas theories may be interpreted in many different ways.

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Double penetrarion proof of this are numerous and extremely different interpretations of quantum mechanics on the one hand, and the multitude of interpretations of the shift to the red in galactic spectra, the multiaspectual dispute over the nature and distance of quasars or different interpretations of the initial singularity, on the other hand.  In connection with the occurrence in dp latinas numerous, and at the same time significant, philosophical and methodological assumptions which cannot be verified empirically without which it could not function as a science, cosmology may be considered as "science not only of the Universe in its largest scale, but also about assumptions which one should form in order to make such a science possible".

Another reason which indicates an inevitable involvement of the latina hardcore movies question of the beginning of the Universe in philosophy is that pornology as an empirical science is entitled to make statements on the structure and evolution of the observable part of the Universe, but not on the Universe as a whole. In turn, constraints on our scientific knowledge about the Universe to its observable part (called the horizontal Universe) mean that we are not able to check scientifically the correctness of a rule for initial conditions (or their lack) for the whole Universe. After all we observe results of evolution of only some part (indeed a very small one, which is con­firmed by conceptions of inflation) of the initial state. 

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The aim of this dplatinas is to try to answer the question as to whether the origin of the world has slipped out of the hands of philosophers (and theologians) and passed in its entirety to the realm of science (i.e. physics, astronomy and cosmology), or whether science is not able to solve it by itself. While presenting the main views in this dispute (conceptions of the world "without borders", creation of the Universe out of "nothing" or out of "a vacuum", also of a Universe that is infinite in time), the author tries to show that also double penetration latinas metaphysics, philosophy of nature and epistemology provide important premisses, proposals and methods, indis­pensable for a solution.  

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