DP Latinas Presents: Ramona
They assume, for instance, that time as such is a complex structure which consists of simpler elements. Assuming that these elements "went into the composition" of time at the moment of the rise of the Universe we obtain a conception according to which time is created together with the dplatinas, but it is created not out of nothing, but is preceded by certain elements of physical reality (this brings to mind the conception of "the world without borders" where time in Planck's era also loses some of its characteristics or, in other words, becomes impoverished). Following this line of thinking one could imagine that our Universe was not formed in one act of creation, but in a number of such acts, e.g. first out of nothing elements of dplatinas time and space had been created which then formed space-time, and then out of vacuum the DP Latinas was created (which in the course of further development may be enriched with new essential ontological characteristics and so on without end).
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